All Alaska Outdoors would like to introduce you to the awe-inspiring sights of the Alaskan wilderness. With us, you’ll have the opportunity to see black and brown bears in their natural habitat, not behind glass at the zoo! When it comes to experiencing all that the great Alaskan outdoors has to offer, you simply won’t find a better option, and we offer a wide range of ecotours to ensure a personalized experience.

Our Float Plane Alaska Fly-In Fishing Trip is an excellent option for close-up bear viewing and photography. In fact, outstanding bear viewing opportunities are a popular part of our Crescent Lake Fly-In. Of course, this isn’t the only location we tour in Alaska. Our float plane allows us a wide range of bear tours throughout the picturesque coastal setting in Lake Clark National Park. Or join us for the Ultimate Expedition to enjoy amazing aerial flightseeing. You’ll quite literally get a bird’s eye view over scenic habitats of Brown Bears, Coastal Seals, Trophy Bull Moose, Dall Sheep or Caribou Herd, and the unparalleled landscape of remote Alaska.

At several of our destinations, you’ll have a chance to view and photograph Black and Brown Bears, Eagles, Sea Otters and breathtaking scenery in an exclusive setting. One of our more popular stops is Dick Proenneke’s Cabin from “One Man’s Wilderness” — the best-selling memoir about a man who made a life for himself in the Alaskan Wilderness. Though, the wide range of travel options we offer to see all of Alaska doesn’t mean you need to go anywhere to see wildlife with us!

Our lodges on the west bank of Longmere Lake are frequently visited by resident Moose Cows and Calves. Take some time to paddle one of our Mad River Canoes on our mile long lake, And you’ll likely be able to approach one of our Loon families at close range. Or join us for some unforgettable Marine Life Viewing on one of our Deep Sea Combo Trips. It all adds up to an incredible trip, and we trust you won’t mind the delicious fillets you’ll take home from the successful fishing. All Alaska Outdoors looks forward to showing you a side of Alaska you can’t see from a cruise ship or hotel room! We invite you to come and see it all with us soon.

  • A momma bear and her three cubs climb on rocks by the water's edge.
  • A brown bear lifts its head out of the water with its fluffy ears still dry.
  • A group of people pose for a picture on a boat in front of a photobombing brown bear.

Float Plane Alaska Fly-In Fishing Trip & Bear Viewing at Wolverine Creek

For this trip, we head out by floatplane and head over to a remote lake on the west side of the Cook Inlet. Once we land in the lake, you’ll be able to watch the huge Coastal Brown Bears do a bit of their own fishing. This is where you’ll get pictures of a lifetime. Have you ever been watching one of those popular nature shows and wondered if you’d ever have a chance to see such natural majesty in person? Well, this is the trip for you. This is typically a six-hour trip. However, this is Alaska and weather can sometimes change the timing.

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  • A large brown bear perches on a rock, soaked in water.
  • A fly fisherman fights a fish in turquoise water while a small bear looks on.
  • A brown bear looks up from its meal.

Crescent Lake Fly-In Fishing Trip & Bear Viewing

Crescent Lake is one of our favorite mountain lakes in Alaska. While it may well be one of the most beautiful places on earth, this lake also provides a healthy brown bear population and great fishing for Lake Trout. Later in the year, the fishing for Dollies and Silvers also makes this a popular Alaska ecotour package. You’ll also have the chance to check out Alaskan brown bears, many with cubs, in comfortable eighteen-foot aluminum boats. This is one of the best trips we offer for Alaska bear viewing, and it’s affordable!

Crescent West Fly In Pricing (August and September)

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