Alaska Fishing

2019 was another great year at All Alaska Outdoors Lodge. Our Guests had great experiences.  They were flattering on Google and Trip Advisor reviews.  We continue to see excellent saltwater fishing at all of our locations. Kenai River Trips had ups and downs. Kenai River King Salmon were closed in May and catch and release in June.  July was open for retention but fishing was slow, overall.  We did release some large Kings.  The Sockeyes Salmon fishing more than made up for the King fishing troubles.  The Kenai River Sockeye trips were a little more work in June, but the guests were intercepting the 3 fish limit of fish that were bound to the Russian River, that had record returns.  The July Kenai River Sockeye Salmon return was above average and the limit was liberalized towards the second half of the Month to 6 fish and limit catches were the norm until early August when we switched to Silvers.   Silvers were a little tough in August but picked up well in September.  The Float Plane Alaska Fly In Fishing Trips were amazing again, with solid Sockeye fishing and bear viewing from June-July. The Fly In Fishing for Silvers was also excellent on these trips starting in late July and holding until the end of August.  The Ultimate Expedition trips went very well again this year. We showed our guest unforgettable experiences day after day. Bay of Pigs Silvers were way late due to drought and low water, but picked up when the rains finally showed at the very end of August.  Weather was a little strange this year.  In May we had record rainfall.  June through late August was the warmest and driest on record.  We had fires causing problems with back and forth traffic to Anchorage but dealt with it.  September was pretty normal. Beautiful as always.  Fall colors.  Some wet, some dry.  Some weather cancellations as expected during late season on Salt Water and Fly Ins.

Bob Ledda – President All Alaska Outdoors Lodge

  • Two men each holding one large fish

Come and experience the most versatile array of angling and outdoor pursuits available in South Central Alaska. All Alaska Outdoors Lodge offers Deluxe Suite accommodations suitable for the single outdoorsman or larger groups. Our 4 acre facility is located on a road accessible float plane lake 21⁄2 Hours drive from Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula. We can put you into the thick of the July Kenai King run or take you over spectacular glacier-filled mountain ranges to remote secluded fishing waters for Salmon, Rainbows, Pike, Grayling, Lake Trout and Char. Our “On-site” staff will be there to tend to your daily needs and provide the most professional handling of your catch. Deciding to stay with All Alaska Outdoors shouldn’t be a tough decision; deciding what you will do during your stay with us might be. We offer a wide assortment of expertly guided activities. You may choose one of our preplanned packages or customize the exact week that you want. All Alaska Outdoors offers a wide range of “optional” fishing and wilderness trips. Consider us as a “base of operations” for remote fly in wilderness fishing on a day-to-day basis while still enjoying the luxury of our lodge and the convenience of its location on the Kenai Peninsula, 2 hours drive from Anchorage, Alaska.

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