One of the most amazing and cherished experiences available on the Ultimate Expedition Alaska Fly In Fishing Trip is the opportunity to visit the famous Twin Lakes cabin built by Master Craftsman Dick Proenneke. The Proenneke cabin is a historic site you can visit during our Ultimate Expedition to Lake Clark National Park. Check out the video below to preview what you can expect during a visit to this remarkable piece of history.

Dick Proenneke was a man of many talents and a skilled outdoorsman. He built this cabin in what is now Lake Clark National Park, by himself, with hand tools, from materials available on site in a single summer. He then lived in it by himself for over 30 years while he survived off the land. Prior to his death, he donated the site to the park, and it was made a National Historic Monument. It now sees more than 1,000 visitors each year. All Alaska Outdoors Lodge has been taking guests to this site for nearly 20 years. Our guests are always amazed and grateful for the opportunity to visit this beautiful place. The site is staffed by park volunteers and rangers who assist in touring his home and providing insight into the way Dick Proenneke lived.

The site was probably made most famous by a 2004 documentary that is frequently shown on public television. The name of that movie is “Alone in the Wilderness”. It was adapted from a book written about Dick Proenneke’s first year of life at Twin Lakes, entitled “One Man’s Wilderness.” Both of these resources outline his construction of the cabin and what life was like that very first year.

We hope you enjoy the video we’ve made from the photos and footage from our many trips over the years, and trust that it will inspire you to visit this magnificent place on our premier trip, the Ultimate Expedition. Even better, this historic site is a very short distance from some of our favorite Summer fishing spots and Ptarmigan covers.

Get Your Cameras Ready!

We would like to send a special thanks to two of our favorite people in the world, Les and Cindy Robbins. Les is a professional photographer. He and his wife Cindy have been on more than 30 Ultimate Expeditions with all Alaska Outdoors Lodge. He was moved to produce this video on his own, because he considers a visit to Dick Proenneke’s cabin at Twin Lakes in Lake Clark National Park to be such a special experience. More of his amazing work can be viewed at his greatland wildlife photography website.