1) For reservations made prior to January 1 of the year in which travel is to take place, an initial 25% deposit is required to reserve space at our lodge. Cancellations occurring prior to January 1 the year of your trip will be refunded the initial deposit less $100 per person cancellation fee.

2) A second 25% installment is due by January 1, the year of your trip. This brings the total deposit paid to 50% of the original booking amount.

3) Payment in full is due no later than April 15 the year of your trip.

4) For reservations made after January 1 the year of the trip, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking. Read #7 for cancellations occurring after January 1.

5) For reservations made after April 15 the year of the trip, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking with the balance due in full within 30 days of arrival.

6) For reservations within 30 days of arrival, balance is due in full at the time of booking.

7) All cancellations occurring after January 1 of the year of the trip are non-refundable. All Alaska Outdoors will retain the entire amount paid. In the event of a cancel, if at least 2 weeks notice has been given & the trip IS NOT covered by travel insurance, we will allow you to apply 50% of any monies paid to a future year’s reservation. In the event of Cancellations based on Pandemics and specific Government Mandates prohibiting travel at the time of your trip, 100% credit of all monies paid will be forwarded to future in Perpetuity.

8) Except in regards to mandatory fishing closures, weather related trip cancellations or extremely poor fishing conditions, any given trip can not be changed to another trip. Obviously, you do not have to take a trip, just because it is booked, but you will not be refunded. Of course, you are welcome to book a different trip at any time and pay normal customary pricing. We have a short season and our guides and vendors can’t afford last minute cancellations.

However, if notification is received of a cancellation two weeks prior to Arrival, 50% of monies paid to date may be transferred to a reservation for the following year

We accept most major Credit cards

Trip changing policy

1) It is important that you finalize your package specifics as soon as possible and no later than April 1st the year of the trip. The best tides, times and guides will book up early. A $50 change fee will be assessed per person for all changes made to an established package trip listing after April 1 of the year the trips are to be taken. Our guide, captain and plane schedules are created by that time.

Last minute changes not only affect your trips, but the trips of our other guests and the schedule of our guides & outfitters. Scheduling takes considerable time, and is much like creating an intricate puzzle where the fit of each piece is dependent on the fit of the pieces around it. Any change requires that the puzzle must be totally re-created…., an enormous and time consuming task.

2) Regarding reservations placed after April 1st, specific trips within the package must be finalized within 2 weeks of receipt of the deposit.


Occasionally, weather and safety factors can adversely affect schedules, itineraries and trips. You will be responsible for costs of additional lodging and personal expenses due to weather delays and other uncontrollable events. If a trip can not be taken for weather related reasons you will be refunded for that trip or can apply it to other activities.

All Alaska Outdoors, Inc. will not assume any responsibility nor shall it be liable for any loss, cancellation, costs, delays, accidents, injury or damage to person or property, or damage, loss or theft of baggage and personal effects arising from or in connection with any of its services. All Alaska Outdoors, Inc. reserves the right to cancel or alter an itinerary, charter, tour, cruise or accommodation, as conditions require. In the event that we are unable to provide the confirmed accommodations for any reasons, we will endeavor to arrange substitute accommodations and any differential in price will be adjusted accordingly.