Freshwater fishing is a tranquil and fun experience that can yield some delicious sport fish, but for those seeking an exhilarating saltwater fishing experience, we’ve got you covered. Deep-sea fishing often yields breathtaking, trophy-worthy catches. Our guided saltwater fishing trips afford you an opportunity unlike any other.

  • Four fishermen pose with large fish caught from the ocean.
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  • A group of fishermen hold up halibut on a boat.
  • Many halibut on display back at the lodge.

Deep Creek Halibut Fishing Trip

Deep Creek Fishing is open from May all the way to Labor Day weekend and offers King/Halibut combos. We can plan your trip according to the tides if you want to hunt the Giant Halibut. Because we launch our boats directly into the surf, this trip is liable to be cancelled due to inclement weather.

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  • A man stands in front of a plethora of fish caught from the ocean.
  • 6 anglers poses with their halibut catch
  • Two anglers pose with their fish.
  • Man poses with really pretty large orange fish
  • Anglers posing in front of large amount of fish hanging and on the ground
  • Seals chilling on a moss covered rock.

Multi-Species Deep Sea Combo Trip (Seward, AK)

This day-long trip off the coast of Seward is a fertile opportunity that can leave you with ice chests full of fillets from your catch. May through June is a great time to catch Halibut, Rockfish, and Kings, and July 1st opens Lingcod season on top of the other available fish. After that, Silver Salmon can also be caught to create a multi-species grand slam catch. Other wildlife viewing is available as these waters are regularly visited by Orcas, Humpbacks, sea Lions, and more.

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  • Long windy island in middle of blue water surrounded by mountains
  • Large group of fish on boat.
  • Group of fishermen posing with caught fish
  • Neatly organized group of white, black, and orange fish on a boat
  • Rows of caught fish on boat

Multi-Species Deep Sea Combo Trip (Homer, AK)

Homer, AK is located on a small spit of land that sticks just 4.5 miles into the open water. That makes it a fantastic place for saltwater fishing. Like the Seward trip, Halibut, Rockfish, and Kings are available in May-June, and Lingcod come along in July. Finally, in the end of July and into August is when you can also catch Silver Salmon, making it the best time frame to catch all four species. Lots of other wildlife viewing is also available in this area.

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