The White-Tailed Ptarmigan Specie is a native Alaskan species favoring the mountainous landscape of Alaska, living above timberline almost all year in the southeastern and south central regions of Alaska. The white-tailed ptarmigan is very similar to the other two species of native ptarmigan in Alaska, but differs in one important way: their tail-feathers. The white-tailed ptarmigan has, as the name suggests, eight all-white tail feathers. creating. If you get a chance to see these tail feathers, perhaps you have become one of the All Alaska Outdoors Lodge’s lucky few to hunt all three species of Ptarmigan in one day. The white-tailed ptarmigan is known for being hunted in unique style as the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game suggests. They remind visitors that, “this is the ptarmigan that dall sheep hunters flush off high mountain peaks while stalking rams.” While we are not using dall sheep to flush out these beautiful birds ourselves, our experienced hunting guides at All Alaska Outdoors Lodge offer visitors the chance to check off all three native ptarmigan species on their hunting list on their way to the trip of a lifetime. The white-tailed ptarmigan is only found in western North America and is the product of millions of years of evolution. From the rugged terrain of Alaska, to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains in New Mexico, the white-tailed ptarmigan is a truly unique and exquisite species. So, whether you’re looking for ptarmigan of a certain species, trying to hunt your first birds in Alaska, or perhaps looking for a father-son bonding activity, here at All Alaska Outdoors Lodge we look forward to helping you find a trip that matches your interests and offers you the experience of a lifetime!

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All Alaska Outdoors Lodge is proud to offer a wide variety of hunting trips tailored to every outdoorsman or women’s interests. From Ptarmigan hunting, to fly fishing, and even bear viewing, the All Alaska Outdoors Lodge has a plentiful selection of outdoor activities to ensure the trip of a lifetime. Looking to go fly fishing with one of our experienced guides for sockeye salmon? We have that. Hoping to see large grizzly bears on our bear viewing ecotours? We have that. Looking to go ptarmigan hunting for willow, white-tailed, and rock ptarmigan in their native habitats? We have that too! The point is, All Alaska Outdoors Lodge has numerous incredible activities and guides ready to give you the trip of a lifetime. So don’t delay, reach out today, and book your trip of a lifetime!

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