Alaskan Bear and Wilderness Tours

All Alaska Outdoors would like to invite you to explore the heart of “The Great Land”. Let us introduce you to the awe-inspiring sensations of the Alaskan wilderness. Whether we are searching for brown and black bears in their natural habitat or exploring the forests they call home, we would like to introduce you to the environment and visit these animals where they are supposed to be, doing what they are supposed to do, being bears. Lodge

Personalize your experience. With a wide range of dates, seasons, locations, and targets, the diversity and uniqueness of your wildlife ecotour are endless. Our Float Plane Alaska Fly-In Fishing Trip is an excellent option for close-up bear viewing and photography. While encounters are outstanding and common on our Crescent Lake Fly-In trips, there are many other locations that offer value and beauty. Our float plane allows us opportunities to capture and absorb the picturesque coastal landscape of Lake Clark National Park.

Interested in aerial flightseeing? Book an Ultimate Expedition trip. We will put you into the rare bird’s eye view of Brown Bears, Coastal Seals, Moose, Dall Sheep, or even herds of Caribou and all the places these animals call home. Eagles, Black, and Brown Bears reside near Dick Proenneke’s Cabin from Sam Keith’s One Man’s Wilderness – the best-selling memoir about a man who made a life for himself here in the Alaskan wilderness.

All Alaska looks forward to showing you a side of Alaska you can’t see from a cruise ship or a hotel room. There is something deeply connective about putting your boots on the ground, or taking flight, to encounter the native species in Alaska in their own home. We invite you to come and see it all with us soon. The moose of Longmere Lake to the west, the cold clear Mad River Canoes on our mile long lake, the Loon families and Marine Life Viewing in our Deep Sea Combo Trips, they are all here for you to witness and experience. Give us a call today.

Wolverine Creek Available mid May through September
Crescent Lake Available August through September

Discover our Alaskan Wildlife Tours

No trip to “The Great Land” of Alaska is complete without one of our incredible wildlife toursThese trips are more than just exploring and sight-seeing; they are a once in a lifetime experience, even if you are familiar with the area. We’ll take you over rugged mountains, past active volcanoes, and next to spectacular glaciers in search of a the majesty that is the Alaskan wilderness

We take our land seriously and, with pride, dedicate ourselves to learning what makes it tick. Our research and experience has given us the knowledge of wildlife locations, behaviors, and interactions that drives our Ecotours and wilderness expeditions. All Alaska will take you deep into the heart of “The Great Land” and allow you to become a part of its history, one flora and fauna at a time.