Boat Fishing Trips On The Kenai River: Fishing At All Alaska Outdoors Lodge

All Alaska Outdoors has a dedicated guide staff with years of experience fishing the mighty Kenai River. Our custom 20-foot river boats will put you in the thick of the “runs,” whether you’re seeking trophy Kings, Sockeye, Silver Salmon or Giant Rainbows. Our guides will provide you with premium equipment and tackle to land your catch. All that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the day. We offer 5-and-a-half hour trips where you may target one species. For the diehard angler, we offer full day trips that you can spend targeting monster Kings or combine Kings or Silvers with Sockeyes or Rainbows depending on the timing of your stay. We will make every effort to help you reel in that trophy catch you’re looking to land. Target species subject to change due to prevailing conditions. No matter what season, our expert guides will help you make the catch of a lifetime at All Alaska Outdoors.

$200 p/p 5½ Hr River Trip  |  $375 p/p Full Day River Trip

  • Two men holding a large king salmon
  • Kenai River King Salmon
  • A mother and daughter each show off their catch of the day.
  • two men holding up king salmon in front of a boat
  • Husband and wife holding huge king salmon catch

Kenai King Salmon

Kenai King Salmon runs come in three distinct phases. The May run is low in numbers but receives the least fishing pressure and by mid-May fishing can be very good. Fish tend to run between 30 to 50 pounds — but remember, the world record King Salmon was caught on May 17th, so the big guys are out there! The June run has good numbers of fish in the 15 to 40 pound range with the occasional 50 to 70 pound class fish to be found. During May and June, only fish under 36 inches are allowed for retention, but the run strength is constantly evaluated by the fisheries managers, and liberalized when appropriate. July is the time when the largest number and largest average size fish return. All Alaska Outdoors anglers have landed fish in the 80 pound class in past seasons in July. This is your best chance to catch a fish over 50 pounds! The biggest fish often return early with the best numbers usually arriving from the middle of the month to the end.

  • Man & Woman Pose With Catch
  • A camo-clad guest displays his catch on a sunny morning.
  • Hooked American Creek Rainbow Trout
  • Guest holds up a huge rainbow for the camera.

Kenai River Rainbow Trout

Kenai River Rainbows are the ticket to fast fishing action from mid June through September. All Alaska Outdoors anglers have landed fish in the 20 pound range with fish over 10 pounds fairly common. The best rainbow fishing generally occurs from the opener on June 11th thru early July and in September. This is a strictly catch and release fishery. We can arrange for light tackle spin-fishing or fly-fishing depending on your preference.

  • Sockeye Salmon Hanging On Line
  • Guests and their guides in front of dozens of fish.
  • Kenai River Sockeye Catch

Kenai Sockeye Salmon

Kenai Sockeyes return in good numbers by early July and remain fishable for 3-6 fish limit catches depending on run strength through early August. These are acrobatic reel-smokers that are the most valued Alaskan salmon on the table! This is our ace-in-the-hole fishing target for those times when river conditions, escapement or fishery closure limits targeting other species. Snagging Sockeyes is the fastest way to fill that fish box with prime salmon fillets!

  • Kenai River Silver Salmon
  • Kenai River Silvers
  • Kenai River Silver Salmon

Kenai River Silver Salmon

Kenai River Silvers provide great sport on light tackle during August and September. Silver salmon are famous battlers and aggressive biters. The current daily limit is two fish in August and three fish in September. Limit catches are the norm and at times the fishing is good enough to allow for some catch and release salmon fishing before you keep your last fish.