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2018 Alaska Fishing Packages

Discount Alaska Fishing Trips

Alaska Fishing Vacation Packages

Introducing… All Alaska Outdoors Lodge

Come and experience the most versatile array of angling and outdoor pursuits available in South Central Alaska. All Alaska Outdoors Lodge offers Deluxe Suite accommodations suitable for the single outdoorsman or larger groups. We offer affordable Alaska Family Fishing Vacation Packages (see Discount Alaska Fishing Trips) and we can accommodate small children. Our 4 acre facility is located on a road accessible float plane lake 21⁄2 Hours drive from Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula. We can put you into the thick of the July Kenai King run or take you over spectacular glacier-filled mountain ranges to remote secluded fishing waters for Salmon, Rainbows, Pike, Grayling, Lake Trout and Char. Our “On-site” staff will be there to tend to your daily needs and provide the most professional handling of your catch. Deciding to stay with All Alaska Outdoors shouldn’t be a tough decision; deciding what you will do during your stay with us might be. We offer a wide assortment of expertly guided activities described in the following pages. You may choose one of our preplanned packages or customize the exact week that you want.

All Alaska Outdoors strength lies in its versatility and flexibility in arranging your Alaska fishing vacation. As a starting point, we offer a basic fishing vacation, which is anything but basic. This Alaska fishing vacation includes 3 river trips for salmon or trout, 1 deep-sea salt-water trip and 1 Fly In fishing trip. The flavor of the trips will vary depending on the season and what salmon species is ‘running’ at the time - this maximizes your success!

Basic Fishing Package:          

7 Nights Lodging
3 River Trips (Approx 5½ hours each)
1 Deep Sea/Halibut Trip – Deep Creek *    
1 Float Plane Fly-In **   

* Add $105 p/p for Multi-species Deep Sea Combo upgrade - Seward or Homer

Basic Package Pricing:

May 13 - June 3           $2050
June 3 - July 8             $2225
July 8 - July 29            $2575
July 29 - Sept 9           $2400
Sept 9 - Sept 30          $2095

All pricing listed on this page is per person.

2018 Alaska Fishing Vacations

We will gladly customize our Alaska fishing vacation packages to meet your representation of the perfect Alaskan vacation. Our reservations run from Sunday to Sunday, though we can customize shorter stay packages. All regular fish processing is included in our packages. The smoking and canning of your catch is additional.

River Fishing Trips

All Alaska Outdoors has a dedicated guide staff with years of experience fishing the Kenai River. Our custom 20-foot, four-stroke powered river boats will put you in the thick of the “Runs” whether you’re seeking Trophy Kings, Sockeye or Silver Salmon or Giant Rainbows. Our guides will provide you with “Top of the Line” equipment to land your catch. You just need to come and enjoy yourself. We offer 5 and 1⁄2 hour trips where you may target one species. For the diehard angler we offer 9 or 12 hour trips that you can spend targeting Monster Kings or combine Kings or Silvers with Sockeyes or Rainbows depending on the timing of your stay.  We will make every effort to catch you that trophy you’re looking to land.  Keep in mind that occasionally we may not be able to target your first choice of species due to water conditions, run strength or fishery closure.  We can promise that our guides will do everything they can to ensure you have a successful trip.

$200 p/p 5½ Hr River Trip
$375 p/p 9 Hr. River Trip

Kenai King Salmon runs come in three distinct phases. The May run is low in numbers but receives the least fishing pressure and by mid-May fishing can be very good. Fish tend to run 30 to 50 pounds but remember the world record King Salmon was caught on May 17th so the big guys are out there! The June run has good numbers of fish in the 15 to 40 pound range with the occasional 50 to 70 pound class fish. A slot limit is in effect requiring the angler to release fish in the 46 to 55 inch category. July is the time when the largest number and largest average size fish return.  All Alaska Outdoors anglers have landed fish in the 80 pound class in past seasons in July.  This is your best chance to catch a fish over 50 pounds.  The biggest fish often return early with the best numbers usually arriving from the middle of the month to the end.


Kenai River Rainbows are the ticket to fast fishing action from mid June through September.  All Alaska Outdoors anglers have landed fish in the 20 pound range with fish over 10 pounds fairly common.  The best rainbow fishing generally occurs late June thru early July and in September. This is a strictly catch and release fishery. We can arrange for light tackle spin-fishing or fly-fishing depending on your preference.


Kenai Sockeyes return in good numbers by mid-July and remain fishable for 3-6 fish limit catches depending on run strength (the escapement is usually over 1 million fish) through early August. These are acrobatic reel-smokers that are the most valued Alaskan salmon on the table.  These fish are our Ace-in-the-Hole for those times when river conditions, escapement or fishery closer limits targeting other species.  This is the fastest way to fill that fish box with prime salmon fillets!


Kenai River Silvers provide great sport on light tackle during August and September. Silver Salmon are famous battlers and aggressive biters. The current daily limit is two fish in August and three fish in September. Limit catches are the norm with typical action allowing for some catch and release before you keep your last fish.


Salt Water Fishing


 Deep Creek Halibut Fishing Trip

Deep Creek Fishing is hot and heavy right from the start in May with our King/Halibut combos. Depending on the tides it is also the best big fish Halibut fishery from May through August. We will carefully plan your trip for the best tides available during your stay if you wish to target Giant Halibut. We launch boats into the surf so this trip tends to be a little more likely to be cancelled due to weather.

$285 p/p Halibut Trip – Deep Creek


Multi Species Deep Sea Combo  Seward or Homer, Alaska

Full day fishing out of Seward and Homer can provide amazing fishing and heavy ice chests stacked high with fillets.  Both Seward and Homer are amazing coastal fishing towns with fantastic views and fine dining with a humble quaintness you won’t forget.  May and June fisheries target Halibut, Rockfish and Kings. July 1st is the opening day of Ling Cod season. Shortly thereafter Silvers can be added to your quarry. Late July and August gives you the best chance to complete the Grand Slam by limiting on Halibut, Rockfish, Ling Cod and Silvers.  Wildlife viewing of Orcas, Humpbacks, Sea Lions, Sea Otters, Black Bear, Goats and Puffins are a real possibility on your trip.

$370 - $390 p/p Multi-species Deep Sea Combo
    Seward or Homer



Float Plane Fly In Fishing Trip

All Alaska Outdoors offers the rare experience of a single location float plane fly in fishing trip. Flying in a float equipped Turbine Otter or Caravan you will fly into the remote wilderness of South Central Alaska to fish. On about June 10th, our attention turns to Wolverine Creek and feisty Sockeye Salmon. You will be dropped off, with your guide, to fish from our boats at Wolverine Creek. This tiny, clear stream gets an average annual Sockeye return of 70-90 thousand fish, which makes for steady action and fantastic bear viewing. Coastal Brown Bear and Black Bear can be seen safely at close distances and the mountain scenery is breathtaking. This is an excellent trip for your Alaska Family Fishing Vacation as children are always amazed at seeing bears in close proximity. This fishery continues until late July when we start to see the return of Silver Salmon to this fishery and the Kustatan River. Once again, you will be taken by boat to the fishing grounds where you will experience Silver Salmon on light tackle. If you prefer to fly fish then bring your 7-8 wt. fly rod along and you will likely experience an excellent day of sight fishing for 6-10 pound Silvers.

$395 p/p Float Plane Fly In Fishing Trip to Wolverine Creek or Kustatan


No Substitutions on advertised specials.



(May 13 - June 3)
4 Nights Lodging in our Lodge or Cabins
1 9hr River Trip for King Salmon
2 Halibut / King Combo Trip - Deep Creek **
All Fish Processing Included/Full day Halibut!
Peak of the Deep Creek Combo Season!


Beat the summer crowds & enjoy all Alaska has to offer with either of these packages.



(June 3 - July 8)
7 Nights Lodging in our Lodge or Cabins
1 Ultimate Expedition Trophy Pike/Grayling
1 Halibut or Saltwater Multi-species Trip*
1 Fly-out for  Salmon Fishing & Bear Viewing and choice of:
1 Nine Hour River Trips (Kings or Trophy Rainbows)
1 Upper River Drift for Sockeye/Rainbow/Dolly Varden


(Sept 16 – Sept 30) Minimum Party of 2
7 Nights Lodging in our Lodge or Cabins
3 9hr Kenai Peninsula Excursions
*choose from Silver & Rainbow fishing, Duck Hunting or Hike-
in Grouse Hunting, conditions permitting.
1 Ultimate Expedition - may opt for ptarmigan hunting or Clearwater fishing, conditions permitting.
1 Wheel Plane Fly-In for silver salmon

The trips included in this package are limited by weather. Prepare to be flexible in enjoying all Alaska has to offer in late fall.



(July 8 – July 29)
7 Nights Lodging in our Lodge or Cabins
1 9hr King Salmon or Rainbow Trout Trip
1 6 hr River Trip for Kings or Reds (Sockeye Salmon)
1 Ultimate Expedition for Grayling/Lakers/Reds
1 Float Plane Fly-out for Reds/Bears or Silvers
1 Halibut Trip or Seward Saltwater Multi-species trip*

 Best time for BIG KINGS!




(July 29 – Sept 9) Minimum Party of 2
7 Nights Lodging in our Lodge or Cabins
1 6 hr Kenai River Trip for Silvers or Reds
1 9hr Rainbow Trout/Silver Salmon Combo
1 Ultimate Expedition for Silvers or Pike/Grayling
1 Halibut Trip or Seward Saltwater Multi-species trip*
1 Wheeled Plane Fly In for Silver Salmon

>>>>>>>> USE Your Ultimate Expedition for Ptarmigan

* Add $85 p/p for Multi-species Deep Sea Combo upgrade - Seward or Homer



Professional cleaning, vacuum packing, freezing & boxing of All of your catch.

Experienced guides and the highest quality equipment are provided for all guided fishing trips.

Free High Speed Wireless Internet - Our 4 acre facility has wireless internet available throughout. 3mb Download Speed.



Commercial airline fare
Car rental
Food or beverages

Customized packages - Optional trips & activities are available on request.



Customize your week by substituting or adding
any of the trips below to our basic package! 

An * Indicates the trips included in basic package and their value.

Adventure Tour Option - $355 off our Basic Package Price
* A little less fishing & with a little more sightseeing.

7 Nights lodging
1 Homer Sea Kayaking Trip
1 6hr. Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise or Kenai Canyon Rafting Trip
(Upper Kenai River to Skilak Lake)
1 Kenai River King Salmon Charter
1 Float Plane Bear Viewing Fly-Out. (Includes fishing for Silver or Sockeye Salmon)


Customize your week by substituting or
adding any of the trips below to our basic package!

An * Indicates the trips already included in our basic package and their value.

$200 p/p* 5½ Hr River Trip
$375 p/p 9 Hr. River Trip
$285 p/p* Halibut Trip – Deep Creek
$370 - $390 p/p Multi-species Deep Sea Combo – Seward or Homer
$395 p/p* Float Plane Fly-out to Wolverine Creek or Kustatan


The Ultimate Expedition Alaska Fly In Fishing Trips

Alaska’s best fly in fishing trips! Don’t leave Alaska without understanding why it is revered and named “The Great Land”. You must spend a day with us flying away from civilization to where there are no roads. Keep your cameras handy on this quest to experience the true magnificence of Alaska that few have known. We will fly over rugged mountains, past active volcanoes and next to spectacular unnamed glaciers peering down into these mountains of blue ice.

In pursuit of different species of fish, we will fly across the tundra, landing in different remote rivers and lakes to catch Alaska’s famous migrating Salmon, Dolly Varden, Lake Trout, Grayling, Northern Pike and Trophy Rainbow Trout. This is more than just a fly in fishing or sight seeing trip. Your group will fly in our newly refurbished Dehavilland Beaver, each member of your party with their own headset. You may talk with each other or listen to your pilot guide narrate your amazing journey.

Experiences In Lake Clark National Park




Kenai Fjords National Park

We would be honored if you would allow us to share with you the Alaska that we love in the hope that you will feel the exhilaration while being humbled by experiencing the vastness of our last frontier.

Favorite venues for May and June include fly in lake fishing for giant trophy Northern Pike and clear water stream and lake fishing for Grayling, Lake Trout and Char. Late June and early July anglers may fish for Sea Run Dollies and Salt Water Sockeyes combined with Grayling or tiny stream Rainbows. You may want to experience Grayling, Lake Trout and Char fishing in Lake Clark National Park. Mid August and September offer Silver Salmon fishing at the incomparable “Bay of Pigs” where HOT action on 12-18 pound Silvers on fly or spinners is common.


Quality Fishing in Faraway Places

Ultimate Fly In Fishing Expedition Pricing

$750 per person  We will combine parties of 1, 2 or 3 persons with other small groups  $650 per person -  Party of 5 

All Alaska Outdoors Lodge - Check Out The Trips On Our YouTube Channel
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The most amazing trip that All Alaska Outdoors has to offer.  Everything that the Ultimate Expedition is from the rear seat of the glass cockpit of the Super Cub.  Amazing Flight seeing and wildlife viewing with the option to hit certain spots that all other aircraft just can’t access. Plus, One on One guiding so no one else to share the fish/birds with. Special small water rainbow spots and some silver fishing resources that are just amazing.  The Bachata river in August is incredible for the number of Silvers that can be landed in a single day as as wave after wave of fish surge on the incoming tide.  In August and September a full day sampling all of the Wheeled plane Fly Out destinations can be had, cherry picking the spots with the least pressure on any given day.  Want to catch 100 grayling on a dry fly-can do. Or be by yourself, catching giant pike on a fly in  early June. Of course, in Late August and September you can always have Jay take you to the Bay of Pigs for giant Silvers, but having an exclusive experience at that spot just doesn’t seem fair to the rest of the angling world.  Seriously think about this one, you won’t forget the experience!

One on One Super Cub Pricing




Wheeled Plane Fly In Fishing

During the August and September time frames, we provide the opportunity for remote fly in fishing to streams on the West Side of Cook Inlet, which can only be accessed by wheeled planes. You will fly from Soldotna to the western shore of Cook Inlet, where you can fish for Chum Salmon, Arctic Char and Silver Salmon. As always, a guide will accompany you on this trip to ensure your success. In late July and early August, these fisheries get less fishing pressure when Chum Salmon and Arctic Char are returning. By mid-August, Silvers begin to overtake these streams and they become the prime targets until the runs taper off in late September. These clear water fisheries often provide superior angling on a fly or spinner. This is also an excellent place to view wild coastal brown bears in their natural habitat. Our remote Fly In fishing trips will provide cherished memories that will last forever.

Wheeled Plane Fly In Fishing Pricing

$520 p/p


Upper Kenai River Drift Fly Fishing Trip

The Upper Kenai is a beautiful section of river from Kenai Lake down to Skilak Lake. This stretch of river provides world-class fishing as its turquoise waters wind through the majestic Kenai Mountains. Kenai River Rainbow and Dolly Varden fishing opens June 11th and continues into October. Fishing is done from drift boats, which will transport you quietly through the emerald waters of the Upper Kenai as it drains through a mountain valley to Skilak Lake. As you drift down the river, you will most likely see eagles soaring above the treetops and Dall sheep picking their way along the mountainsides. Fly-fishing is effective. An 8 wt. Fly-rod is ideal. Rainbows over 10 pounds are a real possibility though most fish will be 1-5 pounds. Fishing for Sockeye Salmon is good to great from June 11th until the end of July! Silvers will be available later in August through September and will often take flies. You are welcome to keep your three-fish Sockeye limit or two-fish Silver limit, though the Rainbow and Dolly fishing is strictly catch and release.

Upper Kenai River Drift Fly Fishing Trip

$285 p/p – Full Day


Russian River Hike In Fishing


The Russian River is a great place for targeting Rainbow and Dolly Varden on the Fly.  It is a clear water stream that that flows quietly through the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.  It is easy to wade and can provide amazing action for mid size Rainbows and Dollies.  It is recommended that you have breathable chest waders for this trip.  Fishing opens on June 11th and can be steady until September.  Brown Bear spotting is a real possibility on this guided trip as the waters are full of Sockeye Salmon all season.

Russian River Hike In Fly Fishing Trip 

$200 p/p

Additional Fishing & Hunting Options:
$375 p/p Kenai River Duck Hunt (9hr.) or Duck Hunt/ Silver Salmon Combo
$375 p/p Grouse Hunting (Hike-in)
$475 p/p Crescent Lake Fly Out for Sockeye Salmon & Bear Viewing (July 1st - July 31st)
$475 p/p Crescent Lake Fly Out for Silver Salmon & Bear Viewing (Aug 15th - Sept 20th)



$149 p/p Kenai Fjord Trip – 6 hour trip
$178 p/p Kenai Fjord Trip – 9 hour trip
$150 p/p Canyon Raft Trip (Upper Kenai River to Skilak Lake)
$140 p/p Homer Sea Kayaking Adventure
$55 p/p Scenic Upper Kenai River Float

2018 Package Prices & Specials!

Reservations & Information:


Soldotna, Alaska

Please Call For Custom Rates, Availability & Reservations



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2018 Alaska Fishing Packages

Discount Alaska Fishing Trips