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A vacation at All Alaska Outdoors can certainly straighten out a lot of “issues”.  Undoubtedly, it will result in the release of abundant amounts of the “happy hormone”, Oxytocin and leave you with lasting memories. But what if you used your time here to educate yourself to proactively manage your health, and took that knowledge back with you, along with all of those special memories?  Through my Elite Health Evaluation, I can delve deep into your disease risk assessment and help you to better understand how to manage your risks. You have probably heard about “Bio-identical” hormone therapy, but confusion abounds. As part of my comprehensive evaluation, you will attend my lecture series, one of the key components being understanding the rationale, risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy.  Furthermore, this will be in the context of your own personal needs analysis. Each night in the Conference and Dining Center, you will be served a complimentary, healthy meal while you listen to the scientific evidence of Age Management Medicine presented. Other topics will include: Understanding Chronic disease, Nutrition for Health, Exercise how to and all of it’s benefits and Sorting out appropriate Supplementation.

Bob Ledda M.D.

Community Health and Wellness

Dr. Bob Ledda, President of All Alaska Outdoors will be offering wellness weeks throughout the Summer. After graduating from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School with honors, he completed a residency in Emergency Medicine. He has become a true expert in disease and has practiced for over 26 years and seen over 60,000 patients. He has never had any disciplinary or legal action taken against him in his entire career. Six years ago he did a fellowship in Wellness and Precision Medicine. Now, Dr. Ledda is a Cenegenics Partner operating his own clinic on the lodge grounds.

Here at All Alaska Outdoors we are looking forward to providing you an exceptional outdoor experience. However, I wanted to make you aware of the possibility to make your stay at All Alaska Outdoors a life changing experience. Below is my new facility that is on the All Alaska Outdoors compound. It is a sophisticated medical diagnostic facility.

You have the opportunity to undergo an in depth diagnostic workup while you are staying with us this upcoming summer. In addition to this careful assessment of your personal health and disease predispositions, I will train you over the course of the week and 5 evening meals on how to avoid the maladies that I have treated repeatedly in my 26 year long career as an emergency medicine physician. As it turns out, most of the chronic disease that afflicts the people in our country is not a result of poor genetics but rather, putting undue stress on a genome that was not prepared to deal with the lifestyle that we have created for ourselves. I have studied the scientific evidence behind this paradigm extensively. I would like to see you benefit from the accumulation of knowledge that I have obtained. We do not have a Health care system in this country, we have a Disease care system.  And if you don’t want to start having to utilize what I assure you, is a broken and corrupt system, please read on!

If you are not aware of what Cenegenics and Community Health and Wellness is all about I will briefly outline our program. Essentially, we have compiled over 20 years of Scientific literature review and patient experience to develop our cutting edge program to best maintain the human form to maximize function and quality-of-life and decrease mortality and reduce the risk of chronic disease. The program includes intensive nutritional education and monitoring as well as customized exercise program design. You will learn the science behind appropriate nutritional supplementation and have access to pharmaceutical grade or third party tested, open-labeled high-quality supplements to enhance your performance and results. Finally, when appropriate, bioidentical hormone replacement with precise monitoring will help you achieve greater feelings of well-being and improve your motivation and recovery from exercise.

My own transformation on the Cenegenics program was quite remarkable. The picture to the left was me in Hawaii in 2012. At that time in my life I was starting to feel rundown, sore and stiff, particularly in the mornings, tired and unmotivated. Now I was following the typical disease model doctor’s prescription for nutrition, which is avoid saturated fat and eat lots of whole foods and whole grains. I was exercising regularly and fairly vigorously. My cholesterol level was 220 and my HDL was 40 giving me a coronary risk ratio of 5.2 which is elevated. Surprisingly, I was still fairly fit in that picture, but clearly was slowly developing an increased tendency towards excess body fat. I was unhappy about the cosmetic appearance of my body and I was concerned about my decreasing energy levels and ability to carry on the very complex life that I had designed for myself. I was a full-time practicing emergency room physician, a director of EMS services on the Kenai Peninsula, running a successful Alaskan fishing lodge commercial bush piloting nearly every day in the summer when I wasn’t working in the ED. I was waking up in the mornings and having a difficult time wanting to even go on my Ultimate Expedition Alaska Fly In Fishing Trips due to my decreased motivation. What was even more concerning to me, though, was the question of just where was I at with respect to my own health and wellness. As an ER physician, I was starting to see guys my own age without significant risk factors come in with heart attacks and strokes and cancer and other devastating chronic disease processes. I realized that the disease model of medicine does not survey for the development of these diseases. In that model, you don’t test for the disease until you have symptoms. Typically, by that time significant damage has been done or it is entirely too late. I wondered, was I developing significant hardening of the arteries? I have a strong family history of cancer, was I living the life that would help me to prevent it? I knew that I did not learn much in medical school or residency about how to take care of myself. I decided I wanted to learn everything that I could to preserve the precious life I’d been given.

I invested a tremendous amount in myself and my intellectual property by becoming a Cenegenics Age Management Medicine physician. When I completed the training I knew that what I had learned would be life-changing. Take a look at the to the left picture after three months on the program. I started the program on January 18th, 2013 and the picture is in mid April. For the first time ever, I surfed 14 straight days (and I caught twice as many waves per day). These are the results that I will expect you to achieve if you simply follow the program reasonably diligently. This is by far, in my opinion the most intelligent way to care for your own life. You need to learn what I have to tell you. And you need to benefit from the adjunctive therapies that we provide, that individually, in and of themselves, provide small incremental benefit, but collectively allow for the transformation that you can see that I achieved and have maintained now for 6 years. Incidentally, I improved my disease risk markers significantly. I am considerably more fit. I am stronger and have 20 pounds more lean muscle mass while losing 20 pounds of fat. My bone density is increasing instead of declining. My cognitive function has improved tremendously and I concentrate better and have more Zest for life. Even my vision has improved. Aches and pains that I was experiencing have been replaced by muscle soreness from training but that is temporary and resolves. I am tremendously happier because of this undertaking. Below are a few of the health parameters that I follow on myself and a photo on my 50th birthday.

If you would like to read more about Dr. Bob’s Journey to a Lifestyle of Health and Wellness, click the link below

Cenegenics Elite Health: The Journey to Optimal Aging

I encouraged you to give serious thought to committing to the Elite Health Evaluation to better define your risks. After you have been thoroughly evaluated you can reflect on the strategies we have to offer and decide then whether to commit to the Cenegenics Program to transform yourself. I have had many patients that have done just that.

Now before you blow yourself off, and think you can’t do it, you should understand some things. First of all, I am not asking you to be perfect. No one can be, and I certainly am not. I still eat dessert regularly. I consume occasional alcohol. I work out an average of 30 minutes 5 to 6 days a week. The lifestyle that I am going to teach you is sustainable. And you can do it, especially with the help of our amazing program.

You just need to schedule an Elite Health Evaluation to get started.

Your Elite Health Evaluation lasts approximately seven hours and includes:

  • Resting assessments (heart rate, blood pressure, height, weight)
  • Postural/alignment photos and assessment
  • DEXA diagnostics such as lunar densitometry and body composition
  • CIMT (ultrasound which measures carotid intima-media thickness)
  • Muscular endurance testing
  • VO2 test (oxygen uptake during exercise)
  • Cognitive exam
  • Physical examination
  • Comprehensive nutrition consultation
  • Comprehensive exercise assessment, evaluating major fitness components for realistic goal setting and objective comparisons
  • Open-ended physician consultation, usually lasting two hours

5-Star Patient Care. During your evaluation, your clinical team develops a personalized age-management medical program which works to achieve your goals as quickly and aggressively as possible. Following the evaluation, our experts evaluate, track and refine your personalized Elite Health Program on a monthly basis to ensure progress, monitor results, and modify protocols and regimens to deliver continual growth and healthy aging success.

For anyone that would like to stay with All Alaska Outdoors in the Summer, I will be offering a Special Wellness Week. For the price of our Cenegenics Elite Health Evaluation ($4495) I will provide a wellness week at the lodge. Obviously, this would be in addition to usual Lodge Package Prices. This will include the thorough health assessment that we provide including our comprehensive laboratory workup, Full History and Physical Annual examination, Fitness Testing, Body Composition Analysis by DEXA Scanning, Carotid Doppler vascular evaluation and Cognitive testing on one day while you are at the lodge. At the end of this evaluation I will have special insight into your unique disease risks and predispositions and I can help you to design a lifestyle personalized for your preventive care.  My personal office is right on the All Alaska Outdoors Lodge property.

All 5 (Wenesdays are when we serve our usual weekly lodge dinner) evenings paleo meals will be provided during a Power Point Lecture. The topics will be:

Day One: Chronic Disease

Day Two: Nutrition for Health

Day Three: Exercise science and program design

Day Four: Hormone Optimization

Day Five: Supplements, Vitamins and Homeopathy

My emphasis will be creating conviction that your behavior has a profound effect on your health and well being, and exposing you to the science that supports all of my recommendations.

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