The small but beautiful Grayling is one of my most favorite fish. I guess one reason I like them so much, besides the amazing habitat where they reside, is just how receptive they are to biting a fly. I have countless times witnessed a completely inexperienced fly fisherman nailing them one right after the other by the end of an Ultimate Expedition day in Lake Clark National Park. They’re pretty much available from the time we start flying over the mountain range until we give it up at the end of September. They take dry flies, nymphs and won’t turn down a salmon egg imitation. They’ll also hit light spinning tackle if you just feel like you’re too uncoordinated to handle a fly rod, but I bet I can prove you wrong. Apart from the Ultimate Expedition, I really don’t have another solution for getting you on Grayling unless you want to do a hike in trip to a couple of lakes on the Kenai peninsula where they’ve been stocked. You’d have to go unguided, but if you’re into freelancing I can get you lined out.