While we’re on the subject of salt water, might as well go ahead and cover halibut fishing. Halibut are available from the time we open the lodge in mid May through the end of September. On a guided excursion, you’re allowed to keep one Halibut over a certain size limit, this last year it was 32 inches, and one halibut below that size. Your seasonal limit is four fish. I don’t guess there’s really a peak time to fish for halibut, though playing the tides for smaller water exchanges (and we try to navigate this for you when we book your trip) can be helpful. The fish do move out a little ways in September and the weather can be a little sketchy, making a successful saltwater trip more of a challenge. After July 1, on a Multi Species trip you could also target Lingcod, another tasty white flesh fish that’s about as ugly as anything you have ever caught. They happen to be my kids favorite. We also target Sea Bass on the multi species trip and generally get easy limits of Rockfish and occasional Yellow Eye. No doubt about it, a multi species saltwater trip is the fastest way to make a heavy fish box.