The Ultimate Expedition is your target to catching some beautiful Lake Trout. We’ve kind of smashed the square peg into the round hole and figured out how to make it work on fly rods. Lake trout are technically in the char family, meaning they do possess vomerine teeth. They tend to stay close to the bottom and are opportunistic feeders. They will readily take spinners and many different fly patterns. In most locations, flyfishing will require casting a deep sinking line. This can make things a bit of a challenge for an inexperienced fly fisherman. Occasionally, we will get lake trout in shallower locations where they can be caught on flies drifting beads and imitating salmon eggs or with small streamers imitating immature salmon. The spinner fishing can be ridiculous. Not uncommon to have several people lined up and down the bank and guides and pilots running back-and-forth unhooking fish for hours. These fish tend to reside in locations where we also catch Arctic Char and Grayling and it’s very frequent that we catch all three species on the same stop. This makes for some great catch and release action with a really fun variety.

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