Sockeyes are a robust and resilient species. They are in no danger of extinction. From year to year returns may be less than or greater than previous years, with the primary variable likely being climate factors more than management. In many years, Kenai River returns approach 2 million fish and angling is incredible. This is a fish that allows our clients to take home heavy fish boxes of prime, high-protein, antioxidant and healthy fat-rich filets. You can fish for Sockeye salmon in several different venues at All Alaska Outdoors. The bread-and-butter trip is a Kenai River fishing trip. Our guides will take you to a place where you can bank fish and catch your three to sometimes six fish daily limit, usually on a half day river trip. We actually do start targeting them in late May, though the fishing is generally slower but doable until early July. High-volume fishing usually holds up through the first week in August. Typically by that time, the effort necessary to catch a limit is reduced.

The next best option to target Sockeyes is the Float Plane Fly In. The trip to Wolverine Creek allows for up close Bear viewing in addition to fishing for a typically accessible limit of three smaller Red salmon. When you combine this with the flight seeing experience and getting off the grid, it’s a worthwhile trip. Our Upper River Drift begins on June 11, when the river first opens to fishing after closure to protect spawning Rainbows. By then, Red Salmon are prevalent below the Russian River. Guides will generally try to obtain your salmon limit before drifting you down river for rainbows and dollies. Usually the limit is three fish. Sockeye fishing can continue into mid July on this experience. We do have the very end of June and early July to target Salt water snagging for a 6-fish limit at the Bay of Pigs, which is an option for our Ultimate Expedition venue. This is not normal fishing. It is hard work. You have to cast heavy weighted treble hooks, and yank for a hook-up. Luckily, a huge sea-run Dolly run coincides for some normal fly or spinner fishing, at the same spot.

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