All Alaska Outdoors also offers fall wing shooting. Starting September 1, Kenai River trips can be used for Duck hunting. The Ultimate Expedition venue can be used for Ptarmigan Hunting instead of fly in fishing, and we generally start chasing them about August 20 and stay after them until the end of September. I successfully shoot all three species nearly every year for those willing to climb really high and go after the Rock and Whitetail Ptarmigan, and Willow Ptarmigan are in huge numbers right now. This last year was amazing even though we didn’t have as many guests as we would like, due to the COVID restrictions. If you think you’re made of steel, I can show you some places you can drive to from the lodge (a little over an hour), hike up a couple thousand feet over 6 or 8 miles, and then start hunting. It makes for a pretty long day that includes driving and hiking to cover significant ground. However, if you wanna freelance you can get them. We do offer Spruce Grouse over about the same timeframe, and that can be done guided or unguided, as the birds are prolific on the two main wildlife refuge roads on the Kenai Peninsula.