Proenneke CabinOne of our guests’ favorite sites to visit while enjoying our premier Alaskan fishing excursion is the legendary Dick Proenneke Cabin located on the shores of Twin Lakes. This historic structure holds an impressive story and a fascinating past. Over the years, numerous books and films – including this one created by lodge guest Bill Robbins – have documented Dick Proenneke’s journey into Alaska and the life he lived at his now-famous cabin. Schedule the Ultimate Expedition Fly-In trip with All Alaska Outdoors Lodge and tour through the storied site only accessible by float plane. Take in some incredible Alaska history while enjoying the fantastic trip and beautiful scenery. Continue reading to learn more about the famous Dick Proenneke Cabin and how you can visit with All Alaska Outdoors Lodge.

Dick Proenneke Cabin History

In the summer of 1968 at the age of 52, Dick Proenneke decided to drop everything and move to a remote part of the Alaskan wilderness. He settled on the shore of Twin Lakes among the mountains, far from any civilization. Proenneke was a true patriot, enlisting in the U.S. Navy the day after the Pearl Harbor attack and serving until the end of the war when he was discharged due to a severe illness. He spent the next portion of his life bouncing from job to job, working as a diesel mechanic and ranch hand, eventually saving up enough money to embark on his great pursuit of happiness. When he arrived at the Twin Lakes site, Proenneke immediately began work on his new home. He relied heavily on his self-taught carpentry and woodworking skills to chop down, haul, and carve the area’s lumber into usable material for his cabin.

The Proenneke Cabin quickly started taking shape, and by the end of the summer, it was finished. For the majority of the next thirty years – minus a small amount of time spent visiting relatives and compiling needed supplies – Dick Proenneke lived off the land in isolation, hunting, fishing, and gathering his food from the vast Alaskan bush. When he wasn’t working on the cabin or exploring Twin Lakes by canoe, Proenneke would record valuable celestial observations and capture stunning footage on his camera. In 1999, 82-year-old Proenneke left his cabin and went to live with his brother in California until his death in 2003.

The Proenneke Cabin Today

Today, the Proenneke Cabin is part of Lake Clark National Park and is cared for by National Park Service volunteers. This impressive handmade dwelling is now on the National Register of Historic Places and sees over 1,000 visitors each year. Several films have been created using footage taken by Dick Proenneke, and thousands of people around the world are captivated by his unique story. Book an Alaskan vacation with All Alaska Outdoors Lodge and view the Proenneke Cabin for yourself, in the same condition as Dick Proenneke left it in 1999.

All Alaska Outdoors Lodge

Whether you’re a photographer, adventurer, or a curious fisher, we highly recommend a stop at this amazing piece of Alaskan history. Let us take you to a land without any roads on our Ultimate Expedition Fly-In trip, and witness the legendary Dick Proenneke Cabin on Twin Lakes. Visit our All Alaska Outdoors Lodge Alaska Fishing Trips page to learn more about how to book this great experience.